Great Pyrenees Puppies | Up North Pyrenees

We are anticipating a litter of great pyrenees puppies available out of Heidi and Quiero to be born late December that will be ready to go home late February. Genevieve should be cycling over the next month or so and may have puppies to go home in early to mid-March.

We are excited about the puppies that we are producing knowing what high quality genetics they possess in their lines. Many high quality breeders from the US and Europe have contributed to our breeding program that you and your friends will enjoy. Not only are all of our dogs clear of the primary genetic issues with Great Pyrenees but their Penn Hip testing is truly amazing! We are also raising them in a family with lots of interaction which will make them well socialized for any home.

Would you please recommend Up North Pyrenees us to your friends that may be interested in this breed? Check out our current litter of Great Pyrenees puppies available. Click here to see our pricing and guarantee page too. Share us on Facebook or whatever works! Thank you!!!

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