One amazing dog food already in your fridge!

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What’s high in protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals that your dog will slurp up in a second?


1. Eggs are cheap! Buy eggs in bulk when they go on sale- then freeze them for up to a year. Crack your eggs into a freezer-safe container or use ice cube trays. Avoid freezing them in the shell, because they will expand and break.

2. Eggs are easy! What could be easier than just cracking an egg into a bowl to upgrade your buddy’s food!

3. Eggcellent coat! This super food will make your dog’s coat healthier because of the proteins, minerals and vitamins it contains, including biotin.

4. Eggs are endorsed! Jesus told a parable in the Bible book of Luke chapter 11. A good dad giving his son an egg is comparable to the Heavenly Father giving His children the Holy Spirit.

Feed one egg each day for a big dog or several per week for smaller dogs. While your at it you could eat one too. Give eggs a try this week!

Are you a good neighbor?!?!

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Do you consider yourself a good neighbor?  I came across some advice from a farmer when we were considering raising goats. “Good fences make good neighbors.” I’ve also learned that big sturdy fences are expensive to buy and put up. But, I haven’t lost a goat yet and most people love to drive by and look at our animals. Do you want to have the kind of dog that everyone loves? Then take some time to read this book. The Art of Raising a Puppy. It’s never too late!

Happy New Year from Up North Pyrenees!

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Grace and Peace to you this new year in Jesus Christ! I’m so thankful for the many blessings surrounding me in our family, community, and country. Challenges abound but I am entering this new year with a fresh perspective of thankfulness.

Our new blog will update you on our Farm Raised Family Loved Great Pyrenees puppies and goats. We work hard and play hard each day and we would like to give you a slice of our life periodically. We hope

to encourage you and give you information that you may be interested in.

Raw meat for a healthier dog!

Do you ever give your dog part of your steak? I hope so. Just as long as it is raw and unseasoned. Dogs eat all sorts of disgusting things but raw meat definitely is not on the naughty list. Read below or watch the video to learn why guts are good and how you can get raw meat free or very cheap!

1. Bacteria are beautiful. Sometimes. Raw meat is filled with bacteria and enzymes beneficial for digestion. Never feed a dog bones that are cooked or boiled. This will kill these enzymes and then you really could have a problem. Keep raw meat in their diet long-term in a rationed amount to avoid diarrhea. Every deer hunter knows what happens when their dog goes on a scrap binge! Yuck!!!

2. Blood sugars can be bad. Raw meat is made primarily of proteins and fats that break down slowly. This helps lower and stabilize blood sugars making your puppy happier and healthier. Excessive weight gain is promoted every time our blood sugars spike upwards. This puts extra stress on the frame of the body causing joint stress and damage. Research indicates that this is a major contributing factor for hip dysplasia in dogs. Feel the ribs of your dog regularly. If you can’t then cut back on the dog food until you can.

3. Bucks are big. You can save a lot of money by giving raw meat to your dog regularly if you do it right. How about that neighbor of yours that is always hunting and processing his own game. Find people in your area that grow their own chickens and offer to take their unwanted chicken parts off their hands. Getting savvy and resourceful just might bring some new friends into your life while making your four-footed friend a bit healthier too!

4. Bucks will make you biased. Almost every article that I’ve ever read that warns of the imminent dangers of eating raw food has a financial reason to do so. Remember that the next time you read an article purporting some devastating disease that your dog will contract the moment he eats raw meat. The following article does document some dangers with bacteria in commercially produced raw pet food. This is not what I am advocating.

What is the best dog food made of? Lots of high quality meat. Just make sure that you give your dog meat from animals that were healthy prior to processing.