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What’s high in protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals that your dog will slurp up in a second?


1. Eggs are cheap! Buy eggs in bulk when they go on sale- then freeze them for up to a year. Crack your eggs into a freezer-safe container or use ice cube trays. Avoid freezing them in the shell, because they will expand and break.

2. Eggs are easy! What could be easier than just cracking an egg into a bowl to upgrade your buddy’s food!

3. Eggcellent coat! This super food will make your dog’s coat healthier because of the proteins, minerals and vitamins it contains, including biotin.

4. Eggs are endorsed! Jesus told a parable in the Bible book of Luke chapter 11. A good dad giving his son an egg is comparable to the Heavenly Father giving His children the Holy Spirit.

Feed one egg each day for a big dog or several per week for smaller dogs. While your at it you could eat one too. Give eggs a try this week!

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