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Up North Pyrenees

CHIC REG. #138597

AKC REG. # WS59485401

Quiero is our Great Pyrenees Sire and was born in Belgium on March 3rd, 2017. We are so excited to have this beautiful guy as part of our family. His elegant features and delightful temperament are characteristic of European Great Pyrenees. His build is on the slightly smaller side of average and he is quite lean with a mature weight at 2 years old being 110 pounds and 28 1/2 inches at the withers. Quiero possesses excellent structure including a long all white coat with the lion’s mane typical of the male Great Pyrenees. He is tremendously strong, friendly, agile and intelligent.

He has been indispensable in the guarding of our livestock. His excellent vision and hearing show in scanning the air and ground for all predators. Our home near Lake of the Woods Minnesota is home to a very high wolf and coyote population. Quiero aggressively runs towards perceived threats and does frequent security sweeps within his boundaries. He is very job-focused but will come on command for a brief moment of affection which is his constant hallmark. Quiero still loves to be held like a puppy at times. He enjoys walking closely at our side as we examine fences and walk in our pastures.

Quiero comes from high-quality European lines with many previous generations of excellent radiologic hip testing.

These tests are the results of multiple known and unknown genes working together.

Penn Hip score – 0.27  This is far superior to the Great Pyrenees breed average of 0.48. Quiero’s hips are in the top 1% of the tightest or best hips of all Great Pyrenees. This means his puppies will likely have a no or low risk of hip arthritis due to high quality connective tissues.
OFA patellas – normal
OFA elbows –  normal

These tests are for the genes themselves that lead to or contribute to disease.

Neuronal Degeneration(NDG) – clear
Hyperuricosuria – clear
Degenerative myelopathy – clear
Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia – clear
Canine multi-focal retinopathy(CMR-1) – clear

Quiero will pass these excellent genes on to your puppy for a long and healthy life. We are very pleased with the excellent pigmentation, temperament, and structure of his puppies.