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We are currently accepting deposits on our going home the end of May 2023. Application and deposit details are on our Puppy Pricing and Guarantee page.

Puppy picking order is determined by the order we receive deposits. We assist you in picking your puppy through puppy personality matching. Up North Pyrenees retains the right for the first pick in order to maintain our breeding lines.

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We have no CURRENT PUPPIES Available

Below are past litters and videos

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Electra – Girl

9lb 10oz

inquisitive, calm, confident

S&R B – MN

PXL 20220116 004907290.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220122 153842696
PXL 20220205 183622905.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 183324752.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 183751056

Maia – Girl

8lb 13oz

affectionate, quiet, cautious


PXL 20220116 005844409.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220122 154535204.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220205 182904519.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 190427422.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 190529699.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220116 005619780
PXL 20220122 154715527.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220205 184001109.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 185716058.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 185752953.PORTRAIT

Talitha – Girl

8lb 14oz

outgoing, energetic


PXL 20220116 010208763.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220122 154344584.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220205 182046149.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 184808888.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 184901797.PORTRAIT

Atlas – Boy

10lb 8oz

laid back, affectionate


PXL 20220116 011247705.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220122 155038883.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220205 183258920.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 191310720.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 191329196.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 191420049.PORTRAIT

Capella – Boy

8lb 8oz

playful, affectionate

M & S S – MN

PXL 20220116 010902045.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220122 160010219.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220205 185207321.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 194029056.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 194107637.PORTRAIT

Sirius – Boy

9lb 14oz

independent, confident


PXL 20220116 012435346
PXL 20220122 155434794
PXL 20220205 182641350.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 194519731
PXL 20220213 194546948

Polaris – Boy

10lb 2oz

confident, friendly

J&D H – MN

PXL 20220116 011643626.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220205 184641365.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 192058519.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 192138008.PORTRAIT

Mintaka – Boy

10lb 4oz

energetic, explorer


PXL 20220116 012009014.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220122 155750135
PXL 20220205 183816782.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 193330192.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 193514510.PORTRAIT

Rigel – Boy

9lb 11oz

timid, cuddler


PXL 20220116 012145239.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220122 160331075.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220205 184220110.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 192708436.PORTRAIT
PXL 20220213 192747113.PORTRAIT


These are PAST LITTERS and the process we go through in picking puppies to fit into families.

Each Great Pyrenees puppy is held, cuddled, and exposed to many sounds each day. We update pictures and answer questions regularly on our Facebook page at

Phantom & Phoebe: M&J J. Minnesota
Fiona: L & D G. Ontario
Birch: AO. Wisconsin
Freckles: KB. North Dakota
Ash/Harry: BL. Minnesota
Oakley: MM. Michigan
Aspen: K&D M. Minnesota
Fin: LT. Minnesota

Based on our experience and their puppy aptitude tests, we would recommend the following dogs to people who have had experience with big dogs. These puppies may be higher energy, they are very intelligent, outgoing, and may require extra training as they tend towards being independent thinkers. Phantom, Aspen, Ash, and Finn.

Birch and Oakley are slightly more submissive and quiet; affectionate, but not demanding.

We strongly recommend all puppies be exposed to many different people, animals, and settings, no matter what their personality is to help them learn proper behavior and expectations.

Based on our experience and their puppy aptitude tests, we would recommend Fiona to people who have had experience with big dogs. They may be higher energy, they are very intelligent, outgoing, and require extra training as they tend towards being confident, independent thinkers.

Freckles and Phoebe are quieter, more submissive, a little more cautious, and affectionate with their family.

Be sure to expose your new puppy to lots of new sights, sounds, and people in a controlled and safe manner to teach her that she is safe.  This will help her develop appropriate ways to interact with others.

Up North Pyrenees helps guide you make the best puppy selection based on a variety of factors. We believe personality should be more important than gender, markings, or size. Matching the right puppy personality has helped us become the premier breeder of Great Pyrenees puppies throughout the United States.

Experienced Great Pyrenees owners understand this breed and bring in welcomed knowledge of the breed into this process and may require less assistance. Ultimately, you have the choice to pick your puppy as we work through out list of families on each litter.

Great Pyrenees puppy