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I am pleased to share with you the Baxter and Bella Online Puppy School. There are tons of free training resources and an amazing MEMBERS PROGRAM that gives you lifetime access to the complete program that can start even before you get your puppy. You also have the opportunity to make appointments with an online dog trainer as often as you would like to go over specific questions or challenges that you and your puppy are encountering. I hope this resource is a blessing to you. Enter in the discount code “UpNorthPyrenees” and receive a 25% discount.

Baxter and Bella –

I’ve been listening to these free podcasts from Baxter and Bella. I think the convenience to listen while you drive is well worth it. They cover some training topics that I have frequent questions about. Enjoy!

Recommended In-Person Trainers

Lancaster, MN –

Montgomery, MN –

Northfield, MN –

New Germany, MN –


Please contact me if you would personally recommend an in-person trainer that I can list here.


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