Preparing For Your New Arrival

Great Pyrenees Puppies | Up North Pyrenees

sleeping puppyPreparing For Your New Arrival

So, you’re getting a puppy. You have no clue what to do and have nobody to ask. I don’t want to pretend to be the authority of smooth transitions or puppy training in general. But, here are a few helpful tips I’ve seen to be helpful in managing a giant breed dog. Early investments pay huge dividends with your puppy. Hopefully this will help you in preparing for your new arrival of an Up North Pyrenees puppy.

  1. Buy the largest wire crate you can find. Cover it with a cute blanket. Do not let them sleep in your bed initially. Place a very heavy blanket that will resist being pawed around. This will cushion your dog’s body to reduce stress on joints. It will also provide warmth if you keep them in a cooler place.
  2. Start crate training immediately. This will solve a number of problems that are initially encountered. Later on, you can let them do whatever they want, but they will usually prefer their kennel.
  3. Potty train starting day 1. Bring them out to the very spot you want them to relieve themselves and say “go potty” before you go to sleep. Then bring them to the kennel and say “kennel”.  Give them a little treat as a reward. Tossing the treat into the back of the kennel will stimulate instant obedience! Later on, reward them only after they obey the command. When you wake up in the morning you must lead or carry them outside to the very spot you want them to relieve themselves. Set them down and then say “go potty”. It is important to realize that in the first month their bladder is going to want to go potty more than yours.
  4. Don’t scold for accidents! Clean up puppy doo and pee immediately after bringing them to their puppy poo place outside. Any poo or pee that remains will teach them that it is ok. They want to be clean just like you but haven’t learned it or couldn’t hold it.
  5. Cradle time your puppy. Teaching dominance in a gentle way is important to establish your relationship on the proper foundation. Spend some time each day cradling your puppy like a baby. It is preferable to put them on their back as this is a submission posture with canines. However, simply holding them on your lap is acceptable. Have each person in your family do this at least 15 minutes daily. This will establish a lifelong bond.
  6. Never dominate with aggression and anger. A puppy wants to naturally submit and will do so if you are consistent and firm. This makes them feel safe and happy. Many puppies are permanently wrecked because an owner mistakenly thought he needed to be like a wolf alpha. Several years ago I came across an area on Lake of the Woods where a wolf pack fought to the death. There was an area 100 yards wide covered in dog fur. Maybe this was a pack that dismantled a domestic dog piece by piece. It is more likely that there was a battle for dominance with a big loser. The Bible says that “Love covers a multitude of sins” and conventional knowledge is that “dog is man’s best friend”. If you follow this advice then neither you nor your puppy will be a loser down the road. There will be ample grace that your dog will extend even to the guests you have in your home! People will say that you have the nicest dog. But in reality, your dog has the nicest owner!
  7. Be a lifelong student. Relationships are hard but they are worth it. Relationships are the most valuable thing that we have. Be better each day for your puppy and your family. Read, observe, learn, and change. Enjoy your big baby!

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Great Pyrenees Puppies Have Arrived!!!

Great Pyrenees Puppies | Up North Pyrenees

Up North Pyrenees is excited to announce the arrival of 5 beautiful female and 5 handsome male Great Pyrenees puppies on December 19th. Each Great Pyrenees puppy is held, cuddled, and exposed to many sounds each day.

3 badger female puppies out of heidi and quiero e1546899357167              2 white female puppies out of heidi and quiero e1546899460156


They will be ready to go home February 13th right before Valentine’s Day! Their eyes are open and each is gaining weight well. They are starting to love cuddles and personalities are starting to emerge.

5 male puppies out of heidi and quiero

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