The face of a hero!

Up North Pyrenees

Heroic deeds come in all shapes and sizes. This is a pretty good one for an 8 year old boy!

Yesterday one of our does was having trouble delivering since late morning and Josiah heard this from his sisters. He went out on his own for several hours into the darkness armed with a cell phone. After seeing an ear pop out and then go back in with no further progress he called home while we were enjoying the movie.

After I was called into action I saw just how desperate this doe was while laying on her side moaning. After reaching my entire hand into her I was able to identify a dead baby goat. I did some hefty pulling and removed this beautiful little buckling and she was much happier. But, there was more to come and she couldn’t progress. I reached in again and it was a huge doeling that was delivered alive with some difficulty. Immediately afterwards she delivered a nice sized live buckling on her own and was finally able to stand up.

Gleeful excitement filled the air as Josiah asked “Would they have died without me here?” “Yes” I said. “You are the hero of the night saving the babies and their mom!” After some more praise he was glowing and today he is joyfully spending many hours today to prevent any further problems knowing he really is needed here on the farm.

Who needs a little praise in your life? Maybe you’re sitting next to a hero and don’t even know it!!!

Do you need a little bit extra?

Up North Pyrenees

What a fun day here as we see our first does starting to kid. The first momma was a doeling with a single buckling and the second was a mature doe with 4 bucklings! This is our first set of quadruplets and she is one of our best mothers and is a high producer. I’ve heard horror stories of how difficult it is for a doe to raise 4 kids. All I can do is just give her a little bit extra alfalfa, corn and Big Gain.

Are you feeling a little bit stretched lately? Maybe you need to get a little bit extra to make it through the day. Sleeping in late on a Saturday morning, an expensive coffee as a treat, or just a few extra minutes as you hide in the bathroom from your children.

Jesus knew the value of sneaking away to get what He needed and that makes me feel better. God understands that life gets overwhelming for us at times. Luke 5:16 says “So He(Jesus) Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.” Connection with the Father was life giving and life sustaining.

Make sure to take the opportunity today to get a little bit extra and connect with the Heavenly Father through Jesus because tomorrow is gonna suck it right out of you!

The Long Journey of Love!!!

Up North Pyrenees

Do you have a story of when you drove all night just to see the one that your heart loved? I sure do and now I’m glad to say that it has been nearly 19 years of blessed marriage after meeting her 22 years ago. Driving my sister’s Honda Prelude in the wee hours of the night through the Canadian wilderness just to see my love by breakfast!

Last week we had an opportunity to bring Quiero just over 2200 miles round trip to Desoto Illinois to meet his girl Phoebe from Hadleigh Grange! Her mother was a movie star in the Disney’s movie Santa Paws 2. Well, it was love at first sight and we are hoping to get another puppy in about 4 months. More to come about that later!

Check out their website at Maybe order some of their Alpaca wool or homemade soaps while you are at it.

Most of all, I hope you see the one you love today and tell them how much you appreciate them! Love is a long journey so make today count!!!