An Amazing Guardian An Amazing Girl

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An Amazing Guardian An Amazing Girl

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Coyotes, wolves, and birds are a major predator for livestock in our area. Great Pyrenees are renowned for their guarding abilities and yet are gentle enough to allow children and small animals to harass them while they are on duty. Every Great Pyrenees owner has at least one story of why they would never go without one of these magnificent companions. Here’s one of ours.

Years ago my oldest daughter was checking on our goats in a newly fenced 40 acre pasture. Our lone Great Pyrenees Dolly placed herself between the goat herd and the thick brush that the goats were usually munching on. Dolly sounded unusually angry at something beyond view. So, the two of them set out to see what was out there. They quickly encountered a coyote that managed to slip under the high tensile fencing but was prevented from getting out due to the electric fence. Easy in but not easy out.

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Our daughter, Madi, was especially feisty that day and started to run after the coyote with a large stick in hand. She had just purchased a beautiful Alpine doe from a commercial dairy in Scandia, Minnesota with her own money at no small price. Madi closed the distance but Dolly would always keep between her girl and the coyote. Dolly never did attack the coyote no matter how close they were able to approach. But, put on a show of force that gave her girl the confidence of a Marvel super hero. I consider that a sign of intelligence and appreciate a dog that knows when not to pick a fight.

Well, Madi engaged the coyote with a single throw of her large stick. Did you ever see the battle axe that Thor had made for him using the handle from Groot’s arm in Avengers Endgame? It wasn’t anything special. That was the point. It was Thor’s and that’s all that mattered. Back to our story. Madi has never been especially coordinated. But that day she hit and fatally injured a coyote with an unlikely weapon at close range with the protection of her Great Pyrenees Dolly.

We still like to talk about this story and embellish it now and again to make it more impressive. That’s the fun thing about stories. At the root there is truth and a Great Pyrenees standing guard to make sure we’re not eaten alive by our enemies.

We like to say that we make fun at Up North Pyrenees but we also make memories. Thanks for listening to one of mine.

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The Ultimate Training Tool

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Attention is the ultimate training tool.

Great Pyrenees Puppy Training

Here’s your practical training pearl. The ultimate training tool personal attention to your puppy when they do something you want them to do. But, withhold personal attention when they don’t do what you want them to. Chew on that a bit and think about what you’re doing currently.

Purposefully withholding attention is one of the best ways to break negative behaviors in large breeds. This bypasses confrontation which calms both the trainer and the puppy. They will quickly figure out what it takes to earn your attention and they will eagerly seek it.

This is why I love training collars. Tones and shocks aren’t associated with you. They are associated with improper behaviors.

So, withhold any attention the next time your puppy jumps on you. Conversely, give him lots of attention when he comes politely and looks up at you with those big eyes. Soon, he will repeat this behavior and you’ll have the best dog in the neighborhood.

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