Kidney Stones in Dogs?

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Kidney Stones in Dogs?

Did you know that kidney stones in dogs and are just as much a problem for them as for humans? I remember passing a stone in the bathroom on the way to Physics class in college. The pain was so intense that I collapsed against the wall. I think it rivaled childbirth but my wife just laughs at that assertion.

Kidney stones in dogs are more common in some breeds. Jack Russel Terriers, Giant Schnauzers, and Weimaraners are among the highest carriers in one study.1  One of the reasons the kidney stones form is due to elevated levels of uric acid in the urine due to a genetic mutation.2

There is a genetic test available to inform breeders whether hyperuricosuria is in their dogs. This is an easy tool for breeding decisions that may have significant impacts in the future.

Up North Pyrenees has tested all of our dogs and currently they are all clear of this mutation. Our commitment to quality for the puppies that we raise shows and will also mean improved quality of life down the road for your puppy.

I know that most breeders don’t test the way we do. The thought process is that they never hear back that their puppies have problems. So, they must have good genetics. Wrong. This also serves to maximize profit on behalf of the breeder. In the end, it is your puppy who suffer the most. You will end up footing a hefty veterinary bill. Cheap puppies can be expensive.

Ensuring quality is expensive for us but we hope that is worth your business. Please contact us today to reserve your future puppy.


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