Up North Pyrenees

What a fun day here as we see our first does starting to kid. The first momma was a doeling with a single buckling and the second was a mature doe with 4 bucklings! This is our first set of quadruplets and she is one of our best mothers and is a high producer. I’ve heard horror stories of how difficult it is for a doe to raise 4 kids. All I can do is just give her a little bit extra alfalfa, corn and Big Gain.

Are you feeling a little bit stretched lately? Maybe you need to get a little bit extra to make it through the day. Sleeping in late on a Saturday morning, an expensive coffee as a treat, or just a few extra minutes as you hide in the bathroom from your children.

Jesus knew the value of sneaking away to get what He needed and that makes me feel better. God understands that life gets overwhelming for us at times. Luke 5:16 says “So He(Jesus) Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.” Connection with the Father was life giving and life sustaining.

Make sure to take the opportunity today to get a little bit extra and connect with the Heavenly Father through Jesus because tomorrow is gonna suck it right out of you!

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