Up North Pyrenees

Heroic deeds come in all shapes and sizes. This is a pretty good one for an 8 year old boy!

Yesterday one of our does was having trouble delivering since late morning and Josiah heard this from his sisters. He went out on his own for several hours into the darkness armed with a cell phone. After seeing an ear pop out and then go back in with no further progress he called home while we were enjoying the movie.

After I was called into action I saw just how desperate this doe was while laying on her side moaning. After reaching my entire hand into her I was able to identify a dead baby goat. I did some hefty pulling and removed this beautiful little buckling and she was much happier. But, there was more to come and she couldn’t progress. I reached in again and it was a huge doeling that was delivered alive with some difficulty. Immediately afterwards she delivered a nice sized live buckling on her own and was finally able to stand up.

Gleeful excitement filled the air as Josiah asked “Would they have died without me here?” “Yes” I said. “You are the hero of the night saving the babies and their mom!” After some more praise he was glowing and today he is joyfully spending many hours today to prevent any further problems knowing he really is needed here on the farm.

Who needs a little praise in your life? Maybe you’re sitting next to a hero and don’t even know it!!!

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