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pxl 20210207 205426407.portrait2Puppy Training Resources for Up North Pyrenees Friends!

I just received these puppy training resources from Catie Straiton from Pyradigm Great Pyrenees and thought I would post it for your benefit. We are getting a beautiful puppy from her health tested parents for our next generation of puppies.

The below audio resources may not be available for very long. So, please listen to it as soon as is possible while you are driving or doing a work project. Enjoy and share it with a friend!


www.madcapuniversity.com, associated with the Puppy Culture program, offers a free online course.


Mine, by Jean Donaldson. For resource guarding concerns (and preventing them!).

So Your Dog’s Not Lassie, Tips for Training Difficult Dogs and Independent Breeds, by Betty Fisher and Suzanne Delzio. General guidance of independent thinking breeds like Pyrs.

The Puppy Primer, by Patricia B. McConnell PhD and Brenda Scidmore.

Puppy Start Right, Foundation Training For The Companion Dog, by Kenneth M Martin DVM and Debbie Martin.

Social Civil and Savvy, by Laura VanArendonk Baugh.

The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete. This is an Up North Pyrenees favorite.


Bringing Home a Pyr?

Great Pyrenees

Bringing Home a Pyr?

Great Pyrenees


The Great Pyrenees is a versatile breed with many attributes. Every dog breed has positive and negative characteristics depending on which family they will fit into. These characteristics are primarily physical genetically driven structures and behaviors. They are the outcome of purposeful breeding for hundreds if not thousands of years. So, are you bringing home a Pyr?

Why would you want a six bedroom house for one person? Would you need a Ford F350 truck if you never pull trailers or if you have long daily highway commutes? Similarly, finding out which dog breeds (characteristics) are best for you is of utmost importance to make a good decision. Ultimately, finding the right breed and the right personality within that breed will be what makes you love your puppy for life as they perform their family role. Up North Pyrenees is here to assist you getting an appropriate puppy for you and we’ve listed a few details from out personal experience with this wonderful breed.

The Good:

Protection – The Great Pyrenees is known best as a protector. They will selflessly place themselves between danger and their family, livestock, or other small animals under their care. They are gentle as they become adults and move out of the puppy stage. A quick look at you tube will show numerous videos of children and goats jumping or playing on their Pyr.

Loyalty – If loving their family is a fault then this big white dog is definitely guilty. The large breed dogs love their people and look after them. This breed will lay down their life for you. Please read the story of my daughter on this linked blog post.

The Bad:

Hair – Can you think of a snow storm of white hair? 1-2 times per years the beautifully thick white undercoat is shed. This can be removed with several heavy combings which will fill a garbage bag. All dogs grow hair. It needs to be removed at some time whether it is cut, combed, or simply falling out. I appreciate that the long white hair requires heavy combing 1-2 times per year as opposed to constant shedding like a Labrador Retriever.

Barking – The low bark of the Great Pyrenees intimidates predators and just about everyone for miles around. This will continue for long periods outside if they feel there is a threat. This is essential if they are guarding livestock outside from predators. The bark is their primary defense tool. Putting them in a kennel indoors or outdoors with a blanket over top of it will virtually eliminate barking and give them a place to call their den. The will enjoy retreating to their sanctuary when they need a rest.

Stubbornness – The confidence that allows this breed to stay outside all year at the coldest temperatures during their role as a protector means that they also like to think on their own. They will obey you “eventually” and require training just like any other breed. I believe that most obedience issues are due to a lack of training as this breed wants to please you but also wants to protect everyone under their charge.

Personality will differ significantly throughout a litter of puppies. Please see my last blog post to read more about how we not only help you to decide if this breed is the right one for you but also picking the right personality for you.

Up North Pyrenees hopes that you find the right puppy for you and that you will pick us as your breeder of choice for Great Pyrenees puppies. We strive for excellence for the glory of Jesus Christ and for the benefit of your family! We also hope that your puppy will remind you of the majesty of their Creator and the unconditional love demonstrated on the cross. Please check Up North Pyrenees out on Facebook or share us with a friend.

Leash Training Your Snow Bear

Little girl leash training

Leash Training Your Snow BearLittle girl leash training

Do you ever wonder how some people always seem to have well behaved dogs that listen well and obey every command? It’s kind of like comparing other people’s apparently perfect children to what you see as your soon to be incarcerated trouble making kids.

Well behaved dogs typically are leash trained early in life. This is covered well in one of our favorite puppy training books called The Art of Raising a Puppy written by the Monks of New Skete. Over the years we’ve incorporated several principles that I gleaned from this excellent read.

First, develop a positive relationship with your puppy. Bring them with you as much as possible. Dogs are pack animals and both need and want interaction with their pack and need an alpha. You are the alpha. That doesn’t mean that you need to dominate them. It doesn’t mean that every word out of your mouth is no. We should be saying yes to them more often than no and allow them to explore and grow their inborn intelligence so they can be all that they should be as your family or farm guardian.

Several years ago we went to Sea World. One of my daughters wanted to spend time with the dolphin trainers and she had a blast. I heard the dolphin trainer say one thing that kind of convicted me. The trainer said that it was important to only use positive reinforcement when training dolphins and never use negative reinforcement. I understand that dolpins are not dogs but there is something to this concept. When I observe our dogs they play 95% of the time and scuffle or fight about 5% of the time. That made me think about giving overwhelming positive reinforcement and sparing but necessary negative reinforcement. So far, it has worked well not only on dogs but also in raising my children. I need all the help I can get.

Second, give immediate and specific correction. Correction that is done hours later or for a hundred different reasons is bound to fail. This is where leash training is becomes immensely effective. Leash training is relational and offers time for lots of immediate positive and negative reinforcement for training specific behaviors.

Have you ever seen anyone getting their shoulders nearly getting ripped out of joint as their dog suddenly realizes that the squirrel running on your neighbors lawn would be something fun to chase?  This a behavior that must come to an end if for no other reason than to protect your pride.

Leash training early on is best used with body harnesses or head collars like the Gentle Leader. This reduces damage to the dog or puppy and gets them used to being on a leash.

"Manners Fighter" Chrome Plated Prong Collar with Swivel and Quick Release Snap Hook (4 mm x 25 inches)

Dogs that are heavy pullers will require leash training using the prong collar. Now, I know that may sound like a four-letter word to some of you that disagree including this link to a veterinarian’s perspective. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this author does have some valid concerns.  The problems she identifies can be overcome when a loving person gently uses the prong collar. We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with our Great Pyrenees when training them using prong collars. I wouldn’t be without one especially when my children take the dogs for a walk.

Click here to see the prong collar that I recommend. The quick-release feature with saves your fingers if you are removing a collar from a playful dog.

Leash training requires patience and repetition no matter which collar you use. Make some time for this regularly and your dog will love getting on the leash for your next adventure.

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Preparing For Your New Arrival

Great Pyrenees Puppies | Up North Pyrenees

sleeping puppyPreparing For Your New Arrival

So, you’re getting a puppy. You have no clue what to do and have nobody to ask. I don’t want to pretend to be the authority of smooth transitions or puppy training in general. But, here are a few helpful tips I’ve seen to be helpful in managing a giant breed dog. Early investments pay huge dividends with your puppy. Hopefully this will help you in preparing for your new arrival of an Up North Pyrenees puppy.

  1. Buy the largest wire crate you can find. Cover it with a cute blanket. Do not let them sleep in your bed initially. Place a very heavy blanket that will resist being pawed around. This will cushion your dog’s body to reduce stress on joints. It will also provide warmth if you keep them in a cooler place.
  2. Start crate training immediately. This will solve a number of problems that are initially encountered. Later on, you can let them do whatever they want, but they will usually prefer their kennel.
  3. Potty train starting day 1. Bring them out to the very spot you want them to relieve themselves and say “go potty” before you go to sleep. Then bring them to the kennel and say “kennel”.  Give them a little treat as a reward. Tossing the treat into the back of the kennel will stimulate instant obedience! Later on, reward them only after they obey the command. When you wake up in the morning you must lead or carry them outside to the very spot you want them to relieve themselves. Set them down and then say “go potty”. It is important to realize that in the first month their bladder is going to want to go potty more than yours.
  4. Don’t scold for accidents! Clean up puppy doo and pee immediately after bringing them to their puppy poo place outside. Any poo or pee that remains will teach them that it is ok. They want to be clean just like you but haven’t learned it or couldn’t hold it.
  5. Cradle time your puppy. Teaching dominance in a gentle way is important to establish your relationship on the proper foundation. Spend some time each day cradling your puppy like a baby. It is preferable to put them on their back as this is a submission posture with canines. However, simply holding them on your lap is acceptable. Have each person in your family do this at least 15 minutes daily. This will establish a lifelong bond.
  6. Never dominate with aggression and anger. A puppy wants to naturally submit and will do so if you are consistent and firm. This makes them feel safe and happy. Many puppies are permanently wrecked because an owner mistakenly thought he needed to be like a wolf alpha. Several years ago I came across an area on Lake of the Woods where a wolf pack fought to the death. There was an area 100 yards wide covered in dog fur. Maybe this was a pack that dismantled a domestic dog piece by piece. It is more likely that there was a battle for dominance with a big loser. The Bible says that “Love covers a multitude of sins” and conventional knowledge is that “dog is man’s best friend”. If you follow this advice then neither you nor your puppy will be a loser down the road. There will be ample grace that your dog will extend even to the guests you have in your home! People will say that you have the nicest dog. But in reality, your dog has the nicest owner!
  7. Be a lifelong student. Relationships are hard but they are worth it. Relationships are the most valuable thing that we have. Be better each day for your puppy and your family. Read, observe, learn, and change. Enjoy your big baby!

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Great Pyrenees Puppies Have Arrived!!!

Great Pyrenees Puppies | Up North Pyrenees

Up North Pyrenees is excited to announce the arrival of 5 beautiful female and 5 handsome male Great Pyrenees puppies on December 19th. Each Great Pyrenees puppy is held, cuddled, and exposed to many sounds each day.

3 badger female puppies out of heidi and quiero e1546899357167              2 white female puppies out of heidi and quiero e1546899460156


They will be ready to go home February 13th right before Valentine’s Day! Their eyes are open and each is gaining weight well. They are starting to love cuddles and personalities are starting to emerge.

5 male puppies out of heidi and quiero

Check out more pictures at https://www.facebook.com/upnorthpyrs or click here for our puppy page and share us with a friend.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Available

Great Pyrenees Puppies | Up North Pyrenees

We are anticipating a litter of great pyrenees puppies available out of Heidi and Quiero to be born late December that will be ready to go home late February. Genevieve should be cycling over the next month or so and may have puppies to go home in early to mid-March.

We are excited about the puppies that we are producing knowing what high quality genetics they possess in their lines. Many high quality breeders from the US and Europe have contributed to our breeding program that you and your friends will enjoy. Not only are all of our dogs clear of the primary genetic issues with Great Pyrenees but their Penn Hip testing is truly amazing! We are also raising them in a family with lots of interaction which will make them well socialized for any home.

Would you please recommend Up North Pyrenees us to your friends that may be interested in this breed? Check out our current litter of Great Pyrenees puppies available. Click here to see our pricing and guarantee page too. Share us on Facebook or whatever works! Thank you!!!