The Great Pyrenees is a real dog! Sorry to most other dog breed owners out there. Mom, I know that Shitzu was once known as the Tibetan lion dog. He sits on your lap and bears some resemblance to his canine forbearers but is about as useless as a wet blanket on a cold night.

We’ve had plenty of cold nights up here on the Canadian border. We often step outside to hear a pack of coyotes howling what seems a stones throw away. Tracks are evidence in the morning of a pacing predator looking for an opening in the fence and an easy meal of chevon. In the past 4 years coyotes and wolves have been thwarted night after night.

I could brag about the fencing that my son Micah and the rest of our family has done. I could also brag about the time my daughter Madi dispatched a threatening coyote with a throwing club while her Great Pyrenees stood guard in a full snarl. But, instead I’ll brag about our guardians.

The other morning during the lunar eclipse the eerie silence was pierced by the calls of coyotes signaling another night of failure over our livestock. All is safe on a Super Blue Blood Moon!

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