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Hip arthritis is a major issue afflicting large breed dogs. Watching a any dog limping around not able to do his job is saddening. Generally, it is from three primary causes. Obesity related injuries, trauma, and/or joint laxity. Penn Hip testing works to eliminate joint laxity and malformation and is an excellent tool available for breeders to improve their puppies.

Simply put, too much looseness causes the joint tissues to slosh around and become traumatized. The damage is difficult to see and usually takes years to accumulate.  Malformation of the joint can immediately be seen on any imaging. Most breeders believe their observations and what their previous customers tell them is good enough.

Penn Hip testing is a breeders new best tool!!! Doing this objective test between 4-24 months it will allow a breeder to objectively measure what they cannot observe. Some dogs will be completely removed from any breeding program. This has already happened to us and is tough from a short-term business model. Management like this means that you should not be calling to inform me of hip problems requiring euthanization of you pet. The result will be a better puppy and family dog for years to come. This is what we are striving to do and is our commitment to you!

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