4132b4 a03331afdd504f47a405a84f0a0bc5a8mv2Puppy e-collar training

Training anything can be a chore. Training puppies isn’t always fun but least they are cute and cuddly. Failure to train is actually training and what happens when your cute and cuddly puppy turns out to be a 75-50# furry ball of orneriness? This is why I am wholeheartedly recommending puppy e-collar training using the Dogtra Pathfinder after only one week of use with our puppy Hadleigh.

screenshot 20191225 213647This only works when you start young and requires consistency. We typically see that the tone works best. But, the shock feature can also work at times if the neck is shaved in a small patch to allow adequate contact with prongs.

This e-collar is basically a GPS locator that your puppy wears which interfaces with your phone. Losing your puppy might be a thing of the past if the collar is on and working properly. You have a real time Google map with where  your puppy is at up to 9 miles away. Setting boundaries is easy and instant alerts notify you when a fence perimeter is broken.  The collar allows you to see where your dog has been. It’s easy to tone or stimulate the collar and watch your puppy leaving the restricted area. I wonder if this comes in a version for small children or teenagers without the stimulation feature.

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