Knick knack patty whack give the dog a bone?

give the dog a bone

Knick knack patty whack give the dog a bone?

boneI love history. Sometimes it reinforces something valuable and sometimes not so much. This phrase originated from a folk rhyme was published by Anne Gilchrist’s Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (1937). She learned the rhyme from her Welsh nurse long before in the 1870s and was titled “Jack Jintle”. The idea is simply to quiet the dog, not to give him a healthy meal that is good for him. However, people give puppies bones frequently and think they are a healthy treat.

Bones typically consist of 50-70% calcium. This calcium may be good for certain groups like a mother that is nursing puppies or recovering afterwards. However, large breed puppy food is purposely formulated to have LESS CALCIUM. So, the “give the dog a bone” attitude actually works to harm your puppy.

Slowing skeletal growth in large breed dogs reduces joint forces of their long bones and has been shown to reduce trauma to the joints and hip dysplasia. This is too common in large breeds. Up North Pyrenees takes breed healthy puppies very seriously. This is why all of our puppies go home with Large Breed puppy food and we advise against the “give the dog a bone” for dogs until their frame is fully grown.

Another source of Up North Pyrenees success in breeding excellent structure in our puppies is having all of our dogs Penn Hip tested. We haven’t had a single puppy diagnosed with hip dysplasia in the past 5 years. We only breed the best of the best. That means their genetics will be at a much less chance of developing these issues. We also educate how to keep them trim, how to feed, and how to have the healthiest puppy possible.

doggie treatss

But, what CAN YOU FEED your puppy as a snack or a treat that they will love? What can be fed through the teething stage or when you are doing kennel training to keep them occupied?

We whole heartedly recommend the treats from Life’s Abundance. They’ve never had a product recall due to their high quality. Their treats are a healthy choice that gives an alternative to bones that will actually be nutritious for your puppy and keep them busy chewing in their kennel instead of chewing on your couch or dining room chair.

Try an order of these today and save the “give the dog a bone” for later in life. Your furniture will thank you and so will your puppy!


Choosing the Right Puppy Food

puppy food

Choosing the Right Puppy Food

Choosing the right puppy food is important to maximize the immune system, general health and prevention of growth related problems common in large breed puppies. Feed only large breed puppy food until they stop growing. The reduced calcium content of large breed puppy food slows down skeletal growth which is essential for large breed puppies in order to reduce skeletal injuries.

Food companies are not all the same and that is why I like to recommend to compare them in order to make good decisions.

Our dogs favorite foods are Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy, Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy, and Diamond Naturals Large Breed puppy. All of these are high-quality puppy foods that we trust for our puppies wherever they travel.

Large Breed Puppy Food

Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy food is new to us but we really appreciate that our dogs love it. This dog food is made in the USA and it markets through dog breeders to their customers. It is conveniently shipped to your home through auto-ship that you can easily set up. It is the freshest dog food that we’ve found. Every bag has a date stamp that will allow you to see when it was made.

We especially like the Canned Venison and Porky Puffs for crate training. Of course, we love the Great Pyrenees Puppy food on the this dog food bag too. They sell a variety of other great products as well. Click here to buy Life’s Abundance products.

Large Breed Puppy Recipe

Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy food is also made in the USA in Minnesota and can be found in many stores but unfortunately isn’t shipped. Our puppies love this food. The kibble is very small which is ideal for puppies under 8 weeks old.

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Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy is a good puppy food that our puppies have eaten well. The kibble is slightly larger and is widely found in large stores.

We want you to find the best dog food available to you no matter which dog food you choose. Take some time research these dog foods and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Share us with a friend if this was helpful to you. Blessings from Up North Pyrenees!