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Prong Collarschrome plated prong collar quick release hs35 lrg

Prong collars get a bad rap because of the way a few people have used them. But, prong collars can give you control and a training tool for your unruly adolescent dog. I work as a physical therapist. I have seen standard collars with leashes completely remove thumbs which ended up causing permanent damage, loss of function, and large medical costs. Prong collars even work well on little dogs. So, I am a bit of a realist and have your best interest in mind which will help you train your puppy better.

This heavy-duty Herm Sprenger with swivel and quick release is my choice for every Up North Pyrenees puppy. This collar is made to last and can have links removed or added to grow with your puppy. Buy a smaller prong collar when they are younger and then move up to this when they get near their full size. The quick-release is a must-have feature as it will all you to safely remove the collar and not remove a finger when your adolescent puppy can’t sit still for one more second.

This is not a choke collar and it will not asphyxiate your dog. Pressure is generated on the front of the neck when your dog pulls hard. This is uncomfortable and will initially cause your dog to yelp. However, he will quickly realize that he has total control of this painful pressure. The result is a well-behaved dog that thinks twice before dragging you out in traffic after a squirrel.

Ease into using this collar with just several minutes the first time and gradually increase wearing time during your walks on a leash. It is as simple as that. Let the dog train itself while the collar is on. See my previous article Leash Training Your Snow Bear.

Up North Pyrenees advocates for the keeping of all your fingers and sanity. So, buy yourself a Black Friday gift this year. Share this product with your friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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