Mix Breed Dog Epidemic

There is mix breed dog epidemic in our country. I am not talking about the best of one breed being bred to the best of another breed for a purposeful reason. There are many poorly bred puppies being sold throughout this country that will end up being more expensive that anticipated. Health problems and unanticipated behaviors due to being an unknown mix breed will lead to owner frustrations.

Puppies sell themselves in our current environment amid lockdowns as loneliness creeps in from social distancing. Good breeding takes time, planning and resources. People are lonely and want relationships. Pets are one of the American ways we get a relationship fix. My recommendation is to go to church, talk to a friend, invite family over for a hot dish or hamburgers before buying a poorly bred puppy.

The sale of mix breed dogs is soaring amid the pandemic lockdowns. These puppies are typically accidental or intentional breeding of dogs of unknown origin and questionable genetics. They are also bred by people wanting to make a few extra dollars and don’t have the investment or responsibility of established breeders.

Nature has a way of weeding out poor genetics. These poor genetics will contribute to lifelong health issues. That is when the real bill hits when you go to the veterinarian. I will not delve into the many genetic issues with the breeds, but I assure you there are many. Mix breed puppies from a large number of these breeders are actually mix breeds being bred to mix breeds. Ask the breeder for a genetic test of your mix breed puppy or their parents. Ask to see their parents or pictures of them. Keep looking if they don’t do this as they typically have something to hide or they just don’t care. This reduces the chances that the behaviors these puppies display will resemble the behaviors consistent within breeds.

Up North Pyrenees makes a commitment to our families to breed only high quality known genetics, provide excellent pre and post-natal nutrition, begin behavior training activities, delivery of our puppies, and give a lifetime of support to make them work with your family. We also assist you to re-home instead of bringing your puppy or dog to a shelter. This all part of our 2-year guarantee. We encourage you to buy your next puppy through a reputable breeder and recommend that your friends and family do the same. Up North Pyrenees… Farm Raised, Family Loved and Delivered to You!


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