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Getting Your House in Order

There is nothing more exciting than a new life. Babies are one of the best of all God’s gifts to us. Puppies are awfully exciting too. But, getting your house in order is important.

With every gift comes the responsibility to care for it well. A blessing can seem to turn into a curse when not properly tended. A child that is never disciplined will end up disrespectful towards authority which will end him up in prison or worse.  Most of the time you reap what you sow.

An untrained puppy that grows to #100 will be bound for the humane society. He will become someone else’s problem as they work for years to correct mistakes that could have easily been addressed earlier.

Make sure a puppy will be a good fit for your family. Can you afford it? Most disputes in marriage are over money problems. Is your spouse or family on board? I don’t recommend getting a puppy if your family isn’t in full agreement. Maybe spend the money on a Weekend to Remember or a family trip to the Grand Canyon. We live in a consumer economy where just about anything can be purchased on the internet and delivered to your home. Even Up North Pyrenees will deliver your puppy to you!!! Avoid purchases that are a spur of the moment decision and make sure you look at the big financial picture and commitment in the years to follow.

Read a good puppy training book if you still plan on getting a puppy. We recommend The Art of Training a Puppy. Train the trainer. You will be telling your friends about your amazing dog if you become an amazing trainer.

Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God all these things will be added unto you.”  Jesus knows we have desires and needs.  You usually get the things you want when you put His desires first.  Prioritization has of way of putting first things first. When your house is in order life is better.  Enjoy your summer and put relationships first. Contact us when you are ready to bring a puppy into that kind of family.

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