Bringing Home a Pyr?

Bringing Home a Pyr?   The Great Pyrenees is a versatile breed with many attributes. Every dog breed has positive and negative characteristics depending on which family they will fit into. [...]

Kidney Stones in Dogs?

Kidney Stones in Dogs? Did you know that kidney stones in dogs and are just as much a problem for them as for humans? I remember passing a stone in the bathroom on the way to Physics class in [...]

Makin’ Bacon

Pasture fed pigs have intrigued me for a few years. But, memories of pig manure on grandpa’s small farm near Frost, MN weren’t all that pleasant. Even worse, driving by a hog [...]

The face of a hero!

Heroic deeds come in all shapes and sizes. This is a pretty good one for an 8 year old boy! Yesterday one of our does was having trouble delivering since late morning and Josiah heard this from [...]

The Wounded Thief

I work as a Physical Therapist in a rural community enjoying a wide variety of challenges. Early on while working in Alaska, I treated a young thief who had been apprehended after firing numerous [...]

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