NuVet For a Healthy Puppy

NuVet For a Healthy Puppy I am a big supporter of proper nutrition and I take vitamins personally. I try to get my family to take them as well but often find them on the floor or behind the [...]

Pets and Lockdowns

Pets and Lockdowns Minnesotans will again be having to deal with another lock down called “Dial Back”.  People are relational by nature. Many of us need relationship more than we think. [...]

Prong Collars

Prong Collars Prong collars get a bad rap because of the way a few people have used them. But, prong collars can give you control and a training tool for your unruly adolescent dog. I work as a [...]

Mix Breed Dog Epidemic

Mix Breed Dog Epidemic There is mix breed dog epidemic in our country. I am not talking about the best of one breed being bred to the best of another breed for a purposeful reason. There are many [...]

Bringing Home a Pyr?

Bringing Home a Pyr?   The Great Pyrenees is a versatile breed with many attributes. Every dog breed has positive and negative characteristics depending on which family they will fit into. [...]

Kidney Stones in Dogs?

Kidney Stones in Dogs? Did you know that kidney stones in dogs and are just as much a problem for them as for humans? I remember passing a stone in the bathroom on the way to Physics class in [...]

Makin’ Bacon

Pasture fed pigs have intrigued me for a few years. But, memories of pig manure on grandpa’s small farm near Frost, MN weren’t all that pleasant. Even worse, driving by a hog [...]

The face of a hero!

Heroic deeds come in all shapes and sizes. This is a pretty good one for an 8 year old boy! Yesterday one of our does was having trouble delivering since late morning and Josiah heard this from [...]

The Wounded Thief

I work as a Physical Therapist in a rural community enjoying a wide variety of challenges. Early on while working in Alaska, I treated a young thief who had been apprehended after firing numerous [...]

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